Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

Physical Care
In a Personal Care Home the residents live in a home environment and are cared for by the people of that home and family members and volunteers that come to help. 

At Loreto the personal care is based on the understanding that each individual is
created in the image and likeness of God and no matter what his or her physical, emotional or mental state will at all times, be treated with the highest respect.

Physical Care
  • Home Cooked meals and a lovely spacious  room
  • Clean and Dry Bed and Clothing
  • Warmth or Cool (as the case may be)
  • Bathing and grooming for the day
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Repositioning every 2 hours
  • following the doctors plan of care for each person
  • Daily Activity as tolerated
    • exercise
    • Dominoes
    • cards
    • music
    • getting outside on the big covered walkway
    • helping to do activities like folding linen or perhaps watering a plant of two
    • walking
    • or just visiting with others
  • A Therapy Water Aeration Tub will be available for those for whom that is appropriate.
Laughter is one of the best forms of Medicine, Mary Poppins said so!  When she sang 'Just a spoonful of sugar makes the Medicine Go Down"!

Seriously, the real reason is that scripture said so-----  where it states "that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" Prov. 17:22

And in addition medical research has found that  laughter
causes Endorphins which are the chemicals that create a feeling of well being to be released in the brain!

  • All of the Non-Drug Related Therapies will be made available for all.
It is necessary to know the difference between healing and cure.  There is always healing when one prays and seeks the Lord for it.  We do not always know what the Lord is healing.  It may be a broken heart and you might have prayed for a broken leg.  Our part is to trust that God knows what healing is the most necessary at the time.


The difference between Healing and Cure
Healing occurs in many ways.  There is healing of a physical problem like a cold, bed sore or injury and there is healing of the emotions like a broken heart, a hardened heart or perhaps a broken dream.   It can be acceptance of the journey that we are on bringing reconciliation and peace.

Cure, on the other hand, is different.  Cure means that a person no longer has a disease like cancer, a disability, or a condition like a COPD, Coronary Artery Disease or catastrophic injury.  These things are often cared for by medications, lifestyle change, and therapy.  They can be cured by the miraculous intervention of God.


5 Basic Elements of Care

All patients must receive -

1. Clean and Dry
2. Warmth.
4. Repositioning

Repositioning  is essential to the preventing of skin breakdown.  Persons who lay in bed for hours or sit in a wheelchair are vulnerable for these sores that can be very dangerous and avenues for infection.

This provides an opportunity to inspect for any other needs such as changing the person or the bed. 

Cleanliness is another essential element of care which helps to prevent skin breakdown.

If you are caring for a loved one at home this is important for you to follow.  Often the problem is that at home the caregiver is exhausted and can only handle so much physical  strain.  This is when community service organizations like Angels of Mercy Volunteers or family, friends, and neighbors can help.

Don't be afraid to call and even if you are, DO IT ANYWAY!

Loreto will reach out  first to the sick and terminally ill,  who want to be in a medical and spiritual environment; second, respite care will be offered to those returning from a hospital stay and who need more time with care and teaching families the procedures needed before returning home; and third, respite care for primary caregivers who need to break for much needed rest.

The philosophy of Loreto on the Plains is "Giving Hope where there is no Hope"  and "Where Prayer makes the difference". 

We believe in the
sanctity of life and that we are called to serve the sick and care for them while they are in the dying process not to help them die.  We want to help each person to live fully each moment until they die

Kindness, compassion, awareness and companionship help to make the journey we are on much more tolerable.  This is our commitment to the residents and his or her family.

"Giving Hope
Where There is No Hope." 

Most people have lost faith in the medical community today and there is no trust. At Loreto we are creating an environment for patients and their families where medical and spiritual care are united to bring God's hope and peace through ministering to the sick and terminally ill in the light of the Gospel message.

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