Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

Non-Drug Therapy
There are many alternative methods of stress and pain relief that are not drug related and these will be fully available to the patients.  Some of these include things such as, music therapy; pet therapy, (there are plenty of pets to see from afar or hold up close); water therapy with the many fountains, (small and large), aquariums, special baths for feet and a therapy tub; back rubs every night; aroma therapy like the aroma of fresh bread baked daily, herbs for helping to relax,; there will be a prayer niche in each room where your favorite statue, inspirational picture, an electric votive light (candle), this little niche is part of the Giving Us This Day Our Daily Bread ministry of making available the Word of Life, Jesus Christ, even when you are alone. The first and foremost non-drug related therapy, of course, is Prayer and there will be ample opportunities for prayer in the Chapel, at your bedside, with the workers and visitors, at the 3 O'Clock hour when the Mercy Bell will rings; with the Loreto Team.

Music Therapy
After Spirituality, which opens the doors to forgiveness and reconciliation within families, music comes  next in the non-drug therapy group.  It is one of the most powerful non-drug therapies used to ease tension and pain.  At Loreto there will be ministers of music who visit and share their gift of music, music on a general sound system, and the use of a CD player in each room for specific music that brings peace to the individual.   The picture at the left is of the music ministry gathered for the Celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday at the Shrine.  Many of this group will be sharing their gifts and talents with the resident/patients during their stay with us.

Aroma Therapy
Many herbs have appealing aromas and when heated create an aroma that calms the nervous system and allows the pain centers of the brain to come to rest thereby helping the patient to relax and to experience freedom from the tension associated with pain.  Herbs like lavender for arthritis and circulation, peppermint for relieving upset stomach  and chamomile for enhancing relaxation have been used for centuries.  Of Course, there is nothing like the smell of fresh bread or cookies to stimulate a weak appetite.
Pet Therapy
Tension increases pain.  Non-drug therapies help to reduce tension and thereby reduce pain.  Pets are another of the forms of non-drug therapies and there will be pets that at Loreto as well as many Aquariums throughout the building.   Watching nature is very calming to many people.   TESTIMONY BELOW:
Pictured here is Linda, a young woman who came to us prepared to die because of a mysterious disease.  Linda had never been around pets but ended up adopting these 4 puppies that were born while she was here.  Linda was a very sick girl and was offering up her suffering as an Intercessor of Divine Mercy. 

But God had other plans for Linda. After her total surrender and trusting her life in the hands of God, He showed her another plan!  His plan for life, healing, love and freedom, witnessing to the healing grace of God.  Linda fought at first and then her journey became clear, she was to serve Him with Joe, a young man who hosted a pro-life radio program and now her story is of surrender to life.  They were married, she is still sick at times but is strong in spirit.  These little puppies brought her much release and joy.  The second from the right became hers, Colby, who resides now with Joe and her in Massachusetts.

Plant Therapy
Plants and people always work well together.  Plants give off oxygen and need carbon dioxide.  People breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen.  Good match for clean air.  But there is more to the story of plants and people.  Plants and growing them, watering and feeding them and watching them grow has always brought peace and a sense of beauty, as well as, challenge, productivity,
mystery and accomplishment to plant lovers since the beginning of time.  When we look at all of these no-drug therapies, is it a great surprise that these are exactly what was given to man in Paradise?

Water Therapy
Water has always been a source of healing and restoration.   Everything from foot baths and therapy tub baths to water fountains will be available and throughout Loreto. Other forms of water therapy - nice soothing bath  Ponds and a water feature will be visible from the patients room and from the large covered wrap-around porch.  The Shrine of Divine Mercy is within view of Loreto with its waterfall and small pool.

Celebration of Life Therapy

Life is celebrated when we are born, when we are Baptized, on our birthday, when we get our first tooth, haircut or have our first trip.  We continue to celebrate when we go to school, when we graduate, when we have our first date, when we graduate from college, when we go to college, when we get our first job, get married, have a baby of our own, or buy a new house.  Celebrating life goes on our whole life and it continues at Loreto with birthdays, anniversaries,  new life and old life renewed in Christ.   We celebrate good news  and share  not-so-good  news.   Life is every moment  we are alive, death occurs  but in a moment.   It is then  that we  celebrate  NEW LIFE ON HIGH WITH  CHRIST  JESUS.

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