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Mission Outreaches
2nd Annual Conference on Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Ed and Nan Weber
recently spoke at the 2nd Annual Conference on Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide in      Lubbock,Texas.  Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International was the key note speaker and spoke on "What is the Church Stand on Euthanasia?".  This included the subjects of food and water (nutrition and hydration), use of ventilators, what constitutes ordinary care and extra ordinary care and much more.  The Most Reverend Placido Rodriguez opened the Conference with prayer and a Welcome Address. 

Of particular interest was a high school Religious Education Class present in the audience.  These youth were very attentive and asked very timely questions dealing with the removal of food and water and the removal of life support. These young people have already faced some of these issues with family members or friends who have suffered  catastrophic accidents and attempted murder which is shocking to most of us, but the life of many, particularity city youth.

We must reach out to them and their very real concerns, remembering that these youth are forming their opinions and judgments about life and death right now.  They are the future doctors and nurses who will be caring for you and I, their families and the vulnerable people who have no voice of their own.  We must reach out to youth for these reasons and others, which include the rising rate of suicide amongst them.  Our concerns to reach youth will help in turning the tide of suicide that accompanies a "no solution, no hope" attitude present in the heart of these young people bombarded by the messages of no hope found in their music, the media and through the message of the drug culture.  Lets put out the life line and draw them to the Culture of Life.  

We must reach by everything from conferences to table talk, the elderly persons, those who are disabled and alone, and those who are afflicted with crippling diseases.  These people, especially the elderly, have taken over the statistics for suicide from the youth.  In other words, elderly suicide rate is higher than the teen rate!

The need to educate and communicate to the public the rapidly growing practice of Euthanasia and Assisted suicide is evident by the stunned look on people's faces when we first begin to speak about them. This is followed by the look of recognition and acknowledgment as their own personal experiences began to fit into place.  Questions arise and the discussions begin and the understanding comes.  

These conferences throughout the nation are a much needed teaching tool, but more important these topics must be discussed on the parish level. in diocesan newspapers and discussion groups led by people who know and understand the issues.  These people who are few can help to dispel the lies of the Culture of Death and promote the values of the Culture of Life.  

Information Packets on the End of Life Issues
Distributing these packets at conferences is both mission and education.  The mission is to educate.   These packets are endorsed by Fr. Frank Pavone and the Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Amarillo.  They are filled with the pertinent church documents like the Address on Food and Water by John Paul II and the recent declaration by Pope Benedict which puts an end to the issues of feeding and giving hydration to a person in the so-called vegetative state.  There is information on the Living Will and alternatives to it; articles on euthanasia, assisted suicide and multiple websites and resources for information to help with your own understanding, as well as, prepare for talks, classes and sharing groups.

This all challenges our stand on obedience -- obedience to the Word of God.  First, we must know and believe in our heart that the commandment  "Thou shalt not kill!"   is not a suggestion, as Ted Kopple said at a graduation speech many years ago, but a command.

    Visiting the Sick
We are members of the St. Anthony's Visitors which is an essential outreach.  Visiting a patient in the hospital, an elderly couple where the wife has just had serious abdominal surgery, visiting with those who are dying and some times just visiting with those that are alone. 

Many people just sit alone thinking of the uselessness of their life and depression sets in along with anger and eventually wondering if God really cares at all!  This "forgotten" state of mind leads to many of the suicides and the rising rate of elder alcohol and drug abuse. 

Perhaps it all seems like an overwhelming task in a busy world but if each person took on one other person soon many would be helped to find meaning and a brightness in their day.  When we begin to visit, we need to make sure that we keep the commitment or call to say we are not going to come that day and then take time to visit on the phone. 

You will find, rather rapidly, that you are a "life line" and giving them a joy beyond your belief, but what is more, you will receive much greater blessings than you will have ever given."

Brother Paul, Nan and Ed Weber in Wichita at the Family Conference in 2004 where we shared the battle for life along with Bobby Shindler (one of the main speakers at that conference) and Terri Schiavo's brother.
This was one of many conferences where we shared our vision and information to educate the public on the subjects of Living Will, Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide, Dehydration, Starvation, Pain Medications and overdose and brain death.

                                                         USA Mission Rosary

Here Nan is teaching the Angels of Mercy course which focuses on training individuals as assistants to the primary caregiver, as well as, the loved one who is suffering from illness or disease.   The course covers many aspects of care from knowing the signs and symptoms of common diseases and aging health problems to cooking proper health associated meals, setting up and helping to organize medication schedules, learning the technique of listening, teaching how to be prepared for doctors visits and the questions to ask, safety in the home and hygiene in the care of sick individuals.  

This course prepares the volunteer by helping him or her to get in touch with their own experiences of health and sickness, healing and restoration, attitudes about death and dying and much more.

Directing a Christmas Children's program for the local community brings special joy to all who come and particularly to the children and families of those children in the Pageant.  They become little ballerina's  dancing  like princesses then quickly change into the mode  of the Greatest story  told with the  Birth  of  Jesus, Angels, shepherds, Kings and all.


Divine Mercy Sunday Celebration 2007
Many people from all over the panhandle of Texas gather at the Font of Mercy and Shrine of Divine Mercy at the Holy Family Ministry Center in Hartley, TX.  Last year it was held beside the empty foundation for Loreto on the Plains.  This year there will be a building on that slab for all to see and be blessed by.  This year Divine Mercy Sunday will be on March 30, 2008.  There will be youth ministry, Spanish and English sessions.  Further Announcements will be found in church bulletins, fliers, posters and the West Texas Catholic.  Word of mouth is also an excellent way to announce the Blessings of gathering for Mass, teaching, prayer and fellowship to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy.
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