Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

Layout of Loreto

Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home has 3 patient / resident rooms plus a private Guest Room.  The rooms are decorated in a very welcoming, home-like style.  The Blue Room is a special Guest Room for times when a family member is dying and the family desires to stay close.  Sometimes the family has traveled long distances and needs a place to rest until hotel arrangements are made the following day.


There is a private chapel, which will be available 24 hrs a day for patients and  families as well as the volunteers and "staff" of the Center.  It is a quiet and intimate  place of prayer where the one can come for comfort and healing.

Media and toy room
for the children who come to visit.  Thanks to the generosity of many, toys and books are available for wide range of ages.  The TV is for DVD's and Video tapes provided for the children.  The Nest Family entire series of scripture DVD's attract young and old.

Visiting areas
where family and friends can share without disturbing the patient / resident.  Also available to the patients and their families is the use of the Pope John Paul II Family Life Center

Water fountains big and little
features for prayer, education or a quiet meditation walk in the Divine Mercy Prayer Gardens.  Water therapy is an important aspect of this ministry.

The sights and sounds of our faith are everywhere to build hope and faith in Jesus our healer and to remind us of those who went before us.

A small corner altar alcove
will be in each room where a favorite statue, image of Jesus or other spiritually uplifting object or picture may be placed to bring comfort to the patient at times when they are alone.

Other features
are a large entry way, large bathrooms between rooms. 
Plenty of other bathrooms for guests and children.  A play ground will be available for children.

Special nurses or caretaker bedroom

Music and TV
in all bedrooms with individual controls.   Music Therapy is one of the
 non-drug therapies that has been recognized as alternative therapy and works wonders in reducing pain.
  Below is pictured one of our local pianists

Office - The Office
holds the brains of the operation, while the Chapel (above) holds the Heart of the Home gently in its hands.

Comfort Food Available

The Pope John Paul II Family Life Center is where is located the Main Chapel , the  Bishop John Yanta Family Life library and The "Atrium" main meeting and gathering place.   This was named the day that Pope John Paul II died as the Mercy Bell tolled in both mourning or loss and celebrating the Joy of this new saint entering heaven!  There are also several meeting rooms for small groups and it is the main ministry building of the Holy Family Ministry Center where Loreto is located. 
Loreto on the Plains PCH Christmas Season 2009 - 2010.  Rachael and Jorge De Santiago and family decorated Loreto for Christmas this Season.  The home is a place of comfort and love.  Christmas Joy and life are all around the home with beautiful Nativity Scenes throughout.  season is just about over and it seems that it has all past so fast yet being a Christmas people we see in this season a constant hope and renewal of heart.
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