This is a Third Class Relic which has been touched to the Crown of Thorns Relic found in the Holy Family Ministry Center Chapel. 

This Relic is a Prayer Cloth and is given to each person who becomes a member of the
Intercessors of Divine Mercy.

Anyone who desires to put their suffering to work through Redemptive Suffering, has this opportunity to join thousands who have entered the battlefield of intercessory prayer.

The Relic Badge has a raised cross and rays so that even those who are blind can feel the Cross and enter the prayer and receive the blessings.


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How To Make A Cord Rosary

Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

Intercessors of Divine Mercy
"The imitation of Jesus, the Suffering Servant, has led great saints and simple believers to turn their illnesses and pain into a source of purification and salvation for themselves and for others." 
Pope John Paul II

The Intercessors of Divine Mercy is a group numbering over 4000 from all over the world who join together in offering up their sufferings and prayers, for the body of Christ and any cause which the Holy Spirit leads them to pray for.

The Intercessors are from all walks of life, ages, illnesses, diseases, emotional distress, mental deterioration  illness such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, Cancer, Divorce, "lost" children and many, many more.  They have grasped the power of "offering up" their suffering with Jesus on the Cross and once again have taken up the role of the Church Suffering as a powerhouse of prayer for the Church and the World.

We invite you to join your sufferings with theirs and become a part of this growing number of Intercessors who no longer stand alone in their pain but who have joined with others to become a powerful source of intercession.

Intercessors are all over the world: Scotland, Ireland, Africa, Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Bolivia and Germany. 
With each request to become an Intercessor, the person will relieve a pamphlet explaining Redemptive Suffering and a Third Class Relic of the Crown of Thorns and  be joined to the joys, works and sufferings of the other Intercessors and the team here at the Holy Family Ministry Center.  

Anyone can join regardless of race, creed, color, age, or mental and physical challenges.  This is the one group that all can join without fee, NO CHARGE accept you offerings of prayer.
Even those who cannot pray can acknowledge to God their desire to join Him by offering their suffering with His  by a blink of the eye, or a squeeze of the hand and even with no outward sign of consent but an inner prayer to Jesus.

Redemptive Suffering and Divine Mercy
Exempts from "A personal testimony"
 by Rita Ochoa

( at one of the many conferences that we attended and brought the relic of the Crown of Thorns, this experience was like touching holiness itself for all of us.)

I would like to share my story for those that can benefit from my experience....
Youth for Divine Mercy

One young man has requested 1000 Intercessor Badges to encourage his parish to become Intercessors of Divine Mercy.  More later

Linda, is an Intercessor who is an example of action speaking louder than words by her faithfulness to giving her whole being to Jesus as a sacrifice of prayer for abortion, euthanasia and the world.
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