Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

Holy Family Ministry Center
Holy Family Ministry Center is the Mother Ministry of  Loreto on the Plains.  The Center was founded in Hartley, TX. in 1992 by Ed and Nan Weber, SFO.   They came to the Texas Panhandle to answer the call to join their ministry vision with the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ where they lived and evangelized for 10 years.  Leaving Prayertown they continued on their journey with the opening of the Holy Family Ministry Center in Hartley for the renewal and restoration of the family and Catholic family life through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Mission Statement : Our  mission is to provide an environment after the model of the Holy Family, in which God's love and mercy brings renewal and restoration to the family through reconciliation and healing thereby en kindling in them the flame of authentic Catholic Spirituality. By following Jesus in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, we are called to live out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and do so through the various programs of education, prayer and service provided by the center. We hold the value of all human life to be sacred from conception to natural death. The intensely Eucharistic environment of the center provides the source of grace and strength for living this calling in accordance with Sacred Scripture and in union with the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Center  is the home of the Shrine of Divine Mercy, the Mercy Prayer Gardens and the Pope John Paul Family Life Center where the St Joseph's Eucharistic Chapel of Divine Mercy; the Bishop John W. Yanta Family Life Library, meeting rooms and a tiny gift shop are located.       

The Image of Divine Mercy was placed at a bend in the road where many truckers and towns people see it going to and from work.  The blessings of Jesus pour out from this 16 ft. high Image of Divine Mercy, to all people, regardless of faith, creed or color.  People from all walks of life have contributed to the building of this peaceful spot on FmRd 998 in Hartley, Texas.  The railroad contributed the huge railroad crossing beams; a long time supporter and Catholic friend of the Ministry Center just happened to have the 'shell' that the fountain is made from; an Indian whose life our Lord touched and restored, made the planters on the sides;  several Hispanic brothers came to create the pool that the font empties into; this image was painted by a non-denominational man in a high security prison in Amarillo;  the rocks were donated by a Baptist family from their ranch; the flowers were first planted by Nan and Fr. Francis Bagan who is one of the team of final translators of the Diary of St. Faustina called "Divine Mercy in My Soul";  The big pines were donated by the families of two local Veterans and stand guard over the Image in memoriam; many protestant and catholic brothers gathered on a cold misty January day to erect it and another brother in Christ  arrived on December 12, to dig the trench that the beams stand in;  and others have planted memorials of roses and trees around the shrine for  loved ones who have passed away. Cures have occurred on Divine Mercy Sunday when the font is filled and blessed and the Great Feast of Mercy is celebrated.  People come to take the water from the font to their homes on that day and the people from the town come and sit in the quiet presence of the Lord to receive healing in their heart as all cry out, "Jesus, I Trust in You."


The Sights and Sounds of Our Faith

This CD is a Journey Through Our Catholic Faith with original songs written in response to a meeting with our Bishop at that time when we were talking and he spoke with a woeful tone saying, "Where are the sights and sounds of our faith in the Catholic homes today? There used to be no question when you entered a Catholic home 20 years ago. Where are the symbols of faith in homes?"

That week those words just repeated over and over in my head and one night with new guitar strings and our mics set up I began to play.  I stopped playing and looked up at the pictures of our family on the wall and was aware of my own grandchildren and wondering who would teach them.

If you click on the link provided it will take you to the website where you can purchase the CD ans song book and learn more about the girls and pictures also!


The picture at the left was taken from the walkway of Loreto On The Plains PCH.  The wide walkways of Loreto will allow plenty of room for residents to relax or walk or visit with others.
In the background is The Pope John Paul II Family Life Center
where the Private Chapel, Library, meeting rooms, "Atrium" and book store are locatedThe Image of Divine Mercy is nearby

On the left is the front of the John Paul II Family Life Center. Many people have enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the Atrium room which awaits visitors just behind the white doors. The training sessions for the Angels of Mercy Volunteers are conducted in this room. Education and prayer are essential parts of the Mission Statement of  the Holy Family Ministry Center.  An important aspect of this ministry is helping people to gain vision through education and then helping to solidify their vision through prayer and encouragement on an ongoing basis.  As people grow spiritually and emotionally additional workshops and seminars help them to build on their growth. The Bishop John W. Yanta Family Life Library has an accumulation of videos, tapes and books as a resource for study, prayer and worship.
People are so busy in our society that they are pressed for time for study, or meditation.  Time apart in the quiet  can help to refresh the soul and time in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament  can allow the Lord space to help bring to completion in His plan what education has stirred in the mind and heart. In the Spring and Summer the prayer garden offers a variety of possibilities for prayer and reflection. This combined with Spiritual Direction by the directors has helped many to be freed by prison doors being opened and the captives being set free. (Isaiah 61) When Jesus and the Holy Spirit set you free you are free indeed. 

This is the renewal and restoration spoken of in the Mission Statement above and which under girds this whole ministry to families.


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