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"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

Education is the key to overcoming ignorance about anything. 
Educating ourselves about End of Life Issues is a matter of Life and Death!  

Remember that, "Real knowledge, like everything else of highest value, is not obtained easily.  It must be worked for, studied for, thought for and, more of all, it must be prayed for."                                                                                                                                         Thomas Arnold

The Medical Library for Home Care and Care of the Elderly being donated by the Area Agency on Aging.    Tanya presents the Library of videos, books, pamphlets to the Ministry Center for use by the students of the Angles of Mercy, the Community, and Loreto in the education of families in the care of their loved ones.  Receiving the materials are Nona, Ed, and Nan of the Center.

The three main divisions of ministry concerning end of life issues are: Education, Physical Care, Spiritual Care.   You will be led to all three divisions as you visit our website.

Most people feel intimated by the hospital-doctor scene and are afraid to ask questions or give an opinion when visiting with the doctor.

People do not go to the doctor prepared with questions written down and a pen to write the answers.  This is a must but we must first learn what to ask and how to respond.  Becoming educated can makes the difference between life and death.

When the doctor tells us to do something we very often believe that we must do it without question.  Education about our role as caregivers and patients, our rights, the problems we face, how to talk to our doctor and how to be aware of each medication given or taken help us to become strong and to be an advocate for others.

When we know what the church teaches it helps to makes very clear the appropriate response to the issues which we face.

Isolation, fear, abandonment and anger are common emotions which arise when we are suddenly thrust into a hospital scene after an accident, stroke or heart attack.  We are usually paralyzed with the grief we are experiencing and are so grateful for the help that comes that we quickly agree with advise that may be the cause of our loved one's premature death.

After the fact, when we realize that our loved one has died by euthanasia through premature removal of food and water, life support or respirator, we begin to be filled with guilt, anger and remorse which increases the trauma and loss and intensifies the grieving process to an inconsolable depth.  Only forgiveness of ourselves and others can begin to heal our hearts.

How can we stop this from happening?  We MUST educate ourselves and members of our family, friends and even, at times, the medical professionals we come in contact with.  If we don't, we will find ourself filled with remorse because we allowed ourselves to be pushed into a "deadly decision". 

We have learned that within the medical community and aided by the secular world there are words and terminologies being used which mislead and cause confusion to the layman and the public.  The words are called euphemisms because they say one thing in an appealing way that really has a sinister and appalling meaning.  See "Words, Words, Words" by Rita Marker, a lawyer and the leading expert in the fight against euthanasia who has appeared on national television speaking against euthanasia.

We will draw upon the Roman Catholic Church's teaching authority in teaching on these issues and others such as: death with dignity, the truth about Living Will, Double Effect, as regards pain medication,
ordinary and extraordinary means   euthanasia   physician assisted suicide   brain death  organ donation    food and water   burden v benefit
By providing abundant links to websites that present important aspects of the truth regarding these issues
we hope to benefit those who visit this website. 

Our outreach includes Conference Presentations, Workshops, seminars, a newsletter"Living Today in the Palm of His Hand" and a complete Information Packet on End of Life Issues for those desiring to join in this struggle against euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.  This will also help with informing their family and friends of the misinformation and will help them to prepare for taking the appropriate action before being faced with a health care crisis.


Send today for your
Free packet of information on End of Life Issues + $3.50 postage.  This packed has been endorsed by Fr. Frank Pavone, and is an excellent resource for educating and empowering you and others to be an advocates for your loved ones as well as those vulnerable people who cannot speak up for themselves.

Ed and Nan with Brother Paul (Franciscan Brothers of Peace) who stayed at Terri Schaivo's bedside as Terri was dying of starvation and dehydration.  This picture was taken at the Wichita, Kansas Conference where our booth  featured the model for Loreto, education materials, and the spirituality of the mission to the sick and terminally ill of Loreto.


      Some of the Materials found in the
Information Packet

1.  The Papal Address on Food and Water

2.  Types of euthanasia

3. Protective Medical Decisions Document

4. Palliative Care vs. Assisted Suicide

5. Symptoms of Dehydration

6. Abused, Neglected and Forgotten...care for parents

7. Euthanasia Expanded to Include Children

8. Important Websites


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